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    Lumine Development Ltd is all about helping you to get better at what you do.

    Lumine provides an immediate range of support and advice, designed to build on potential and accelerate growth – for both business and personal development. We genuinely believe in the huge capacity of individuals and organisations to change; and it is our mission to help release the capabilities that are already there.

    Our ethos is based on the understanding that nobody works in isolation. Our core philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs of each client and then provide the right kind of support. We certainly don’t believe that one size fits all!

    Lumine offers a variety of different services that can be used individually or as a package of support, all being tailored to meet the needs of each client. We bring many years of hands on experience in growing businesses – from small and local, to large and international – ensuring a clear understanding of the issues you may be facing. This is combined with a high level of expertise based on significant know-how and involvement in direct business and people support.

    In the modern marketplace it is vital to seek every possible advantage and using Lumine will allow you to do just that. With a focus on the unique, the specific and the different, we find ways to improve, innovate or change. Complacency is the enemy of progress and Lumine provides the catalyst to help you to move forward.

    We are always happy to meet prospective customers to discuss their needs – there is no obligation and no cost, but do remember we may spend as much time listening to you than telling you what you need!

    If you are looking for an improvement in your business, then give us a call now on 07841 068727 or send an email and we’ll get back to you immediately.


    2 The Venn, Shaftesbury,
    Dorset, SP7 8EB
    T: 07841 068727
    E: clive@lumine.co.uk


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