Does personality profiling really work?

Getting the best people for your organisation

Getting the best people that you can for your organisation has always been a difficult thing to achieve. Traditional recruitment methods can vary in their level of success. Who hasn’t been utterly blown away by a firecracker candidate at interview – only to find that they are really a damp squib?

Of course interviews have their place, but caution is needed. Statistically the standard interview is actually a very poor tool for selecting a new member of your team. The problem is whilst we all think we are great judge’s personality, it maybe the truth is somewhat different?  

This is where personality profiling can really help. I know some can still be sceptical, but comments from a recent client may help:

“We had never before used 'personality profiling' for any recruitment, we were unsure what to expect, but can categorically affirm we would have no hesitation in calling on your services again. Your report not only confirmed our thinking, but also gave us guidelines for some of our questioning. Your assessment of each person was all that we could have asked while your assessment of the successful candidate has been totally endorsed, as we have got to know him during the past few months.”

A great result and one that can be replicated in any organisation! Give me a call on 07841 068727 for a free consultation.