It’s never too late to be who you might have been! From either a business or individual professional level we can offer coaching input designed to help you move forward. Coaching is a much used word that describes a process of facilitating change leading to sometimes dramatic improvements.

We offer bespoke coaching or a range of clearly structured, high quality packages, allowing you complete control in the process.


Owner / Director
(Business Focus)
An initial 2-hour session to establish background and objectives. 4 further 2-hour sessions. Highly focussed on your contribution to business growth and development. Develop a clear plan of actions to help you build your business success, with on-going input to keep you on track and make sure you achieve your goals.
(Skill Focus)
An initial 2-hour session to establish management role and objectives. A 15FQ+ Professional Report identifying competencies. 3 additional 1.5-hour sessions. Develop the skills needed to be a highly successful business manager, with clear objectives and follow up to ensure you have a clear focus.
(Career Focus)
An introductory 2-hour establishing career background. A full Occupational Interest Profile – assessing vocational interests and work needs. 2 additional 1.5-hour sessions. Move forward with clear purpose and direction in your ideal career path, with relevant coaching to support your progress.

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